The Spoiled Loyalty Program

You can shop with anyone but you picked Sweetheart Sass! Thank you for supporting my boutique!

There’s 3 ways to get some sweet rewards:

1. Upload a selfie with your new purchase and tag Sweetheart Sass. When I get the notification, I will reply acknowledging your tag. After 5 selfies, each with new items on different days, I will send you a coupon for $5 off your next purchase of $20 or more plus free shipping on the order you redeem with your coupon! 

2. During a Facebook Live Event, share the link and tag 3 friends! You’ll get free shipping on your order that is placed within 48 hours of the Facebook Live Event!

3. Share 20 different Sweetheart Sass social media posts on different days, get an acknowledgment from me each time and I will send you a gift up to $7 in value!

All rewards, coupons and gifts must be claimed with 12 months of qualifying.